Outstanding vocal ensemble

London based chamber choir Canticum, enjoys a range embracing Renaissance polyphony, the close harmony of jazz classics and specially commissioned new works. Canticum has been a leading London choral ensemble for over 20 years impressing audiences and critics with its mix of technical excellence and sheer musicality.

A group of around 35 singers of varying ages, we’re always looking for new concert venues and recording opportunities. As a London choir we’re lucky to be able to sing in some of the most beautiful venues in the city, but we often travel out to take part in festivals around the country and abroad.  

Roberts: Veni - VII. O Emmanuel

by Canticum Chamber Choir | In the Gloom of Whiteness

“One of our outstanding ensembles – and with a real understanding of contemporary music”

Stephen McNeff


What's Coming Up

2020-2021 Season

So we are back rehearsing again and what a wonderful feeling that is.  We’re all thrilled to be together again and making music after so long apart.  We are lucky to have the church space to spread out in so we’re all safe and covid friendly.

We are working towards some virtual concerts for our regular charity christmas gigs and will hopefully be recording another album next term, so we’re going to be kept busy until Covid eases off again.

London Chamber Choir Canticum in concert

One of the best London chamber choirs

Joining Canticum

If you’re a strong singer and are looking to join a remarkable London choir, we’d love to hear from you.